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Yeah, the sticker-happiness has worn off.  Or more likely, Nellie the Wonder-Whippet has eaten it.  Yes, that’s it.  My dog has eaten all my happiness.

Along with several postage-stamp-sized patches off my velvet duvet cover.  Along with an heirloom crocheted coverlet made by some great-great, which we put on the bed to keep her from eating any more of the duvet cover.  (Which, incidentally, worked.)  But since the duvet-cover is patchwork, (and since I made it) I know I can mend it.  No big deal.  However, the coverlet is going to be impossible to match antique thread colors, even if I can figure out how to do the pattern. 

The dog is so busted.

It apparently happened when stepdaughter was talking with her father in the other room.  She heard chewing and asked, “What is my wicked step-sister doing now?”.  Stepdaughter does not like the dog.  Obviously. 

Since dog was, apparently, eating the bed at the time, I’m starting to see her point. 

No, that’s not true, I’m just at a loss as to how to deal with this sort of destructive behavior.  I mean, what’s next?  A pillow?  The sofa?  So she lost her bed privileges last night, and we went for a long walk both last night and this morning.  We’ll see if a tired dog truly is a happy dog.  of course, since she’s my dog, and any additional dog-walkin’ is going to be at the end of a leash I’m hoping, we’ll also see if a tired IVFer is a happy IVFer.   And I am tired, though not entirely happy yet.  I’d like a whole week where she doesn’t eat anything that isn’t at least kinda edible. 

Moving into the weekend now, and hoping hoping hoping that my cycle starts on time – on Monday – so that my WFC plans don’t get fouled up.  I really want to go to this, just to get the hell out of town for a while.  I could use the break.

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Yep, I’ve been double-stickered. 

Interestingly, the nasty metallic taste has been gone since the estrogen kicked in, so I guess the sucking-on-a-penny taste is just another DHEA side-effect.  Blech.

Um, skin’s clearing up, and I don’t seem to be losing quite so much hair in the shower.  Which is a damned good thing.  Backache today, but that could just be from the flu/cold I seem to be coming down with.  Or the fact that the dog kept sneaking into the bed last night and forcing me to sleep all contorted in order to accommodate her remarkably pointy knees and elbows.  Not to mention the dog-breath wafting into my face at 2am.  

Nothing really to report, save that the patches are unappetizing to look at.  They seem to be doing the trick, though, since I’ve definitely noticed what I can only describe as an ameliorating effect on the DHEA effects.  

And now, to make up for having been out eating Japanese food instead of home playing with my dog, I have to go, um, play with my dog.  She’s giving me the look.

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