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I hope.

Oh my.  Can’t quite remember when I’ve been this sleepy.

1am trigger shot went without a hitch, and my early morning bloodwork came back fine – ie: HCG is in my system, not cysted up in my butt-muscle somewhere.  Which means tomorrow is a go.  Officially and truly a go. 

And almost the most exciting thing about that is that it’s the perfect excuse for lazing around all day and not doing much of anything except dozing.  Because right now, that’s about as far ahead as I’m thinking.


Ok, so that was a great big lie.  I am nothing but a bundle of nerves at this point.  Raw nerves.  Hopeful nerves.  

I hope the anesthesiologist doesn’t miss my vein again, so my hand swells and turns purple and makes me worry it’s going to go, you know, gangrenous and have to be amputated.  

I hope it’s my doctor doing the retrieval, and not Dr. Bigshot since I’m pretty sure Dr. BS will miss some eggs if he’s the man in charge.  

I hope we don’t get into a fender bender on our way to the retrieval.  

I hope my doctor doesn’t get into a fender bender on the way to the retrieval.  

I hope the anesthesia doesn’t make me sick.  

I hope I’m not too sore when I wake up.  

I hope I don’t wake up in the middle of the procedure.  

I hope the boy is able to do his part without getting too anxious.  

I hope the PIO shots won’t hurt as much as I remember them hurting.  

I hope all my scars from the last rounds of PIO have dissipated.  

I hope Lovenox isn’t a painful injection.  I hope the boy won’t go out of town at all for the next 12 weeks so I never have to give myself a PIO injection.

I hope I won’t have to deal with my insurance too often in order to get the Lovenox delivered on time.

I hope I don’t get laid off and therefore lose my insurance while I’m still in the midst of all this medical crap. 

I hope I have enough pessaries that I won’t have to order more for at least a few weeks.  

I hope I have to take them for more than a few weeks.  

I hope the embryologist gets a good night’s sleep tonight and awakens refreshed and giddily happy about his role in making babies.  

I hope he gets way more eggs to play with than what I saw yesterday.  

I hope every single one of those imaginary 20 or 30 eggs is perfect and super-hardy and worth all the DHEA side effects.  

I hope we have eggs to spare, eggs to freeze, eggs to donate.

I hope we get a baby out of all of this.  A real, live, take-home baby that in about 9 months looks a little bit like him and will eventually laugh a little bit like me.

I hope we get a baby.

I hope.

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With a 1am trigger-time. AND an 8am bloodwork appointment tomorrow.

Oh yawn! However, the nurse who called up to give me the good news on the bloodwork told me that tonight – not two nights ago! – would be my last chance for conjugal bliss for a while.

Just might make staying up late a fun project instead of a wearying one.

My meds arrived as scheduled today, so yesterday’s snafus were the result of the local pharmacy being unable to write things down correctly, not the mail order pharm. Not that it matters since this is my last batch of meds one way or another.

Unlike some lucky people I have not been cleared for a glass of wine tonight, so I’m going to make do with Thai food instead. Mmmmm Pad Thai!

And, I decided today to go ahead and indulge my superstitious self and eat pineapple for breakfast all next week. I did it last time, and implantation was certainly NOT a problem. Fingers crossed…

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I had an appointment with my real doctor. What a relief. He says that there are lots of little eggs, only 8 that look great, but that this was such a long, slow stim that he hopes it’ll be a good cycle regardless.

From his mouth to someone’s ear…

And I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday – today isn’t my 10th day stimming, but my 13th. No wonder I feel strung out.

So, hoping for no repeat of yesterday’s insanity waiting for mail order meds, but not really counting on it – after all, same company, same sitch, different day.

And the boy should be home tonight in time to stab me. And tomorrow would have been a needle-free day if not for the fact that I need to go in for blood work in the am.

Going to go eat chocolate now and maybe read a book on my way to work. Yawn. A long few days, and the fun is just beginning!

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 …not the least of which was the computer meltdown.  

Ahem.  No, it’s still not fixed, & it’s prone to random fatal errors.  So I’ll try to get all this out before another one occurs.  

Monday’s appointment went well.  This time, I asked if my doctor would tell me what he was seeing as he was seeing it.  He not only agreed, but he tipped the US screen so I could see it, pointed out interesting landmarks along the way, and then quizzed me at the end. 


And, as I recited back to him, the upshot of Monday’s appointment was that I had 7 promising follicles on my left ovary, 2 on my right, and the 2 big ‘uns seemed to be lagging behind their previous growth rate in order to finish maturing with their littermates.  All good.  At an average size of 13mm, he figured we’d be ready to trigger in 3, maybe 4 days.  So we made an appointment for Wednesday (today) for an update.  

Update as of this morning:  “Congratulations.  You’re there,” were just about the only words out of his mouth.  Woohoo!  “How big are they?” I asked.  “Big enough.  Good cycle so far.”  Doc says it’s going good, I’m happy.  And, hey, quicker than I’d hoped for.  So tonight’s the trigger shot *anticipatory wince* and Friday morning, I’ll go in, go under, and come out 9 eggs (&, I wish, about 7 pounds) lighter.   But I’ll settle for the egg-retrieval to go without a hitch.  I’m pleased it’s an early morning appointment, since I figure everyone will be perkier at that time of day & will be paying extra-special attention to me and my surgery.  There was a pregnant woman in this morning, waiting for an ultrasound.  It was all I could do not to stare at her.  You mean this works?  It really works sometimes?  As easy as that?

And, the timing of this is about as tidy as I could ask for.  Doing this on the Friday before Memorial Day means that while I have to take Friday off, I already have Saturday, Sunday & Monday off.   It means I’ll have all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday for recuperation & then a possible transfer on Monday (Or is it Tuesday?  Don’t really know where that three-day make gets calculated from).  All of these are days I don’t have to take off work.  Also a good thing.  Of course, I’m hoping these eggs all fertilize so nicely and go so strong that they decide to do a 5-day transfer instead on Wednesday (or Thursday?).  Because I’m just greedy that way.

And I just had my last Lupron shot.  Yay!  And my last Repronex shot.  YAY!  When the boyfriend comes home, we’ll do some drawing on my ass with a sharpie marker, and then, I’ll let him live out every boy’s dream and instruct him to spank the tar out of me.  Or at least out of that outer quadrant of my ass, as per instructions from the nurse.  Anything to distract me from the incoming needle.  The incoming inch-and-a-half needle.  Oi.  And the bad news is, I’ll be on six times the amount of steroid I’ve been on to date.  If the steroid dosage I’ve been on is what’s caused the unexplainable weight gain, then being on 6 times that, means that in a week, I’ll weigh approximately as much as the incredible Hulk in his Non-David-Brinner phase.  Plus, the nausea is supposed to get a lot worse.

It’s not easy being green.

So, fingers crossed.  Butt-cheek unclenched.  Nerves frayed.  Tomorrow is an injection-free day, except for the morning blood-draw, and I plan to enjoy my unpunctured-ness.  Last pain-free day for a while, if everything goes well, as I so sincerely hope it does.  

And, maybe tomorrow I’ll be buying a new computer so I have something to do for those three days that I’m whimpering over my poor punctured girl-goods.

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