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1.  We haven’t lost all our magnolia petals despite the rain.  Such a rainy spring!  Other folks are complaining, but I’m from the desert.  This is the best kind of treat, waking up to another rainy day!

2.  The gardenia I bought at the farmers’ market is perfuming the whole house.  It smells like my grandmama’s backyard, and that always makes me happy.

3.  A full day of writing ahead of me.  Let’s see if I can actually get some work done, or if I just arse around on the internets all day long…

4.  I’m starting to plan a few baby-related knitting projects.  This is exciting, since it’s been a while since I’ve knit anything at all.  Maybe I’ll get really inspired and make a baby-quilt, too.  Listen to the optimist, spitting in the face of the fates by making plans like this!  

5.  I think that because this all still feels so unreal, my decision to treat this as a pregnancy which will of course succeed, is easier than it would be if it were an IVF pregnancy.  Because the circumstances were so weird, my mind feels free to believe that this is nothing like the other pregnancies, that it is, in fact, my first real pregnancy.  Stupid, I know, but I’m a bit in awe of my lack of superstition right now, before I’ve so much as seen a yolk sac.  Ticker on my website, blithely buying yarn (in non gender-specific colors!) – you’d think I’d never lost a baby before…

I like the feeling.


And I’m not going in to the RE’s today.  Why? you ask.  Because I want to have two extra days under my belt (ahem) when I do go under the wand, so that I have a better chance of seeing something encouraging.

Besides, I think Dr. Bigshot is in today and tomorrow, whereas I know my doc is in on Wednesday.  If I have to hear bad news, I want to hear it from someone human.  

It’s all about hedging your bets, see.

At this point, I have no idea what to attribute to the PIO & what to credit the pregnancy with, but my bosoms are swollen.  Make that SWOLLEN!

And tender.  Tender like I was wishing for, symptom-wise a few days ago.  Can I take that back now, please?  I was just foolin’…  Ouch.

A bit of intestinal distress last night had me convinced for about three minutes that I was in the middle of miscarrying, the cramps were so bad.  Then I calmed down enough to realize that a) there was no blood anywhere, and b) wrong kind of cramps.  All appears to be well, or at least that’s what I’m going with until I’m forced to believe otherwise.  Of course, that didn’t stop my unconscious from playing out different miscarriage scenes at least 5 different ways last night.  

It was a rough night in general.  One of our carbon monoxide alarm (we have several since we sleep in the basement with the heater, furnace, and other monoxide-producing gadgets) went off at 5am and we spent several befuddled minutes trying to figure out which one it was so we could see if it just needed new batteries.  Sure enough.  Still too tightly wound (and cold from the window we opened just.in.case) to get back to sleep for another hour, my brain entertained me by insisting that I was miscarrying right then & there.  

I was so dopey from interrupted sleep that I got up and checked, um, 4 or 5 times.

All is well.  This morning I’m sleepy, but fine.  

Looking forward to (and simultaneously dreading) Wednesday’s appointment.  Oh please, let everything be going ok in there!

Oh, and don’t forget I’m moving!  http://www.sprogblogger.com

Except for The Hunger.  

Veins have eased their strangle-hold on the girls.  I’m still ravenously hungry, though, despite eating pancakes not half an hour ago.  This could be a very dangerous sign of things to come, folks.  

Why, if I’m only going to be allowed one early pregnancy symptom, does it have to be the weight-gain-producing symptom?  Why not shiny hair?  How about that ever-elusive “glow”?  Or even a bit of ‘no doubt about it’ nausea?  

Off to play with the website.