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The boy’s on his way to Calgary.

My cycle started at about 10 this morning, just after the time I might have considered going into the clinic & claiming, “No, really, it started last night…”

Good news is, of course, that it DID arrive, because I’d be beyond pissed if it started on, say, Saturday, when I’d’ve been fine waiting til Monday to go in.  

So I’ll go in tomorrow, and probably start Lupron & the orals tomorrow night.  Glad to be moving forward on this, even though it’s a major inconvenience right now.


So I went to work today, and will go to work again on Friday and again on Saturday.  And I get to pull a Saturday shift NEXT weekend too, to pay for the privilege of having been away this weekend.


Nellie, on the other hand, is absolutely delighted that she won’t have to survive on her own wits for the rest of her life.  She’s been alone in the house since, 2:00 – an entire 4 hours – and she was quite sure that she was going to be eaten by wolves or something.  Interestingly enough, nothing seems to have been damaged.  However, it’s still early days since she is currently rushing around the house, thrilled not to be alone.  And that’s after her walk.  Wish I had so much energy.  

The kennel I was going to board her at charged me for a full day, which is a cancellation fee I can understand; but they also charged me an extra $5 that they charge for the inconvenience of having an unspayed female in the kennel.  Which I’d’ve been happy to pay if she’d been there, but to charge me the “extra inconvenience” fee for a dog who isn’t there struck me as venal in the extreme.  I’m not sure we’ll go there.  There are cheaper kennels, even in this outrageously expensive city.

On the grimmer side, an acquaintance at work warned all of us quietly that he heard from friends that the Bloods were planning a rampage tomorrow night.  A rampage against – guess who? – women.  31 random women.  His info has tended to be good in the past, and his connections are the real thing, so I’ll likely take him seriously and lay sort of low tomorrow night.  God I hate this city.  Hate the battle-mentality.  Hate even having to think of curtailing my activities because of this sort of fear.   

And now I’m off to console myself with an order of takeout PadThai, which is one of the reasons I love this city.  Good takeout just about on every street corner.  Yum.

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Ok, so who would have thought that buying pectin in the biggest city in the country would be so hard?

Of course, that’s likely the problem right there. New Yorkers are generally better known for making money than making jam.

I spent all bloody morning wandering around Brooklyn, looking for someone – anyone – who sold pectin and a canning funnel, since mine is boxed up somewhere in Connecticut. *sigh* No luck.

So no jam.

Instead I got some writing done, I listened to Finnish music all day, and managed to avoid Goth-depression & tequila all day (though I was not able to resist the lure of the Entennman’s chocolate cake.

All in all, I think I did ok.

But I’m still pissed that you can’t buy canning supplies in Brooklyn. No wonder I hate it here. Damn it all.

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