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Assuming (oh how everyone laughs!) that I really am in my 5th week of pregnancy.  And assuming that I actually did ovulate/get sprogged-up on March 11.  And assuming that I’m not a complete idiot, (though this question surely gives the lie to that…)

Am I at 5w3d or 5w2d?

In other words: is the first day of a new pregnancy week 5w0d or 5w1d?

I feel like such an idiot for even having to ask this, but my googling is not giving me a conclusive answer, and since this is a question that I can probably get a hard & fast answer to, despite my inability to get any answers about anything of real import going on internally right now, I really really really want to know…

Any takers?

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Question for you all:

I’m scheduled to donate blood on Tuesday (4dp3dt).  Can anyone think of a reason why that wouldn’t be a good idea?  I’m thinking my body has plenty of blood, and so a pint or two less isn’t going to starve my uterine lining or anything, but am I being foolhardy (or am I being silly for even bothering to mention it?)


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