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…and there are more of them than I was expecting.

Looks like I’ll be doing Lupron 2x a day + 8 vials of Bravelle/day + 3 vials of Menapur/day + twice as much PIO, + Lovenox.  Not to mention the orals & the pessaries.  

Damn.  I’m getting nervous about the track marks already.  Did my research with Dr. Google, and it looks like the Lovenox is a blood thinner that perhaps also deals with antibody issues?  You may – or may not – be interested in learning what it’s made from.  Let’s just say that if I did keep kosher, this medicine would totally destroy any food-karma I’d built up over the last umpteen years.  Blech.  

I’m pretty sure the Lovenox was proscribed in response to the miscarriage, though I don’t know if that’s because of pathology reports (which I still haven’t seen yet,) or if it’s just a prophylactic measure that he automatically prescribes for all his habitually miscarrying patients.  

My medicine cupboard (which is much deeper than it looks, and which used to be a linen closet, just to give you an idea of the square-footage involved here) is full.  And that’s after I re-packaged everything so I could get it home via subway and not have to hire – I don’t know –  a caravan of camels(?) to transport the boxes in.  


Oh my!

Oh my!

As I said to my 30-ish friend at work when she watched – with awe – the sheer number of boxes arriving via FedEx today – This is why you want to get pregnant now, and not 9 years from now.

Oh my, indeed.  

It didn’t cost me any more than my previous pharmacy, and I got quite a few non-generics this time – which is good.  Menapur is supposed to be easier on the bod than the older Repronex.  A few of the meds, my insurance company didn’t actually believe I needed quite so many of, so they disallowed, & I may have to out-of-pocket ’em later, but I’ll cross that bridge, um, later.

Holy shit there’s a lot of drugs in there.  

And damn, it just seems wrong that it’s exciting to see all the things I’ll be ingesting and injecting over the next 28 days.  This should not look like a good time.

So why do I think I’ll have a hard time sleeping tonight?  Hint:  It’s not a fear of needles.

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Insurance. Argh.

Ok, so I should have known it couldn’t be that simple.  But the lady on the phone from the union-approved, mail order pharmacy sounded so perky and sweet last time.  

Honeymoon’s over, apparently.  Today she sounded like a scary film-noir (“Hey Lady, whaddya want from me?”) receptionist.  Or a mean librarian.  According to Miss Not-so-Perky, the three-card plan to cover all my injectibles and orals and cutaneous meds is hitting a few roadblocks.  Instead of just going and dealing with a local pharmacy, I have to go through a mail-order set-up, and it looks like they’re going to charge me for most of this, and then I’ll try to get reimbursed later.  It also looks like they lost one set of the numbers I gave them last week.  Which doesn’t bode well for the rest of this going without a hitch.


I suppose I should try to remember to be grateful that anything at all is covered, I mean, hello? Optional procedure here!  Free medical services, where I originally assumed I’d be paying for everything out-of-pocket!  But still.  It was simple last time, the drugs only cost a few hundred dollars all-told, and I could just go pick them up.  None of this delivery crap.  


Hoping they actually show up at work tomorrow.  Hoping there’s not a colossal screw-up.  Hoping everything’s in the shipment, and that this project isn’t going to max-out my credit card.

Not really counting on any of that, actually.

Here comes the stress I’ve been so happily ducking this month.


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