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 …not the least of which was the computer meltdown.  

Ahem.  No, it’s still not fixed, & it’s prone to random fatal errors.  So I’ll try to get all this out before another one occurs.  

Monday’s appointment went well.  This time, I asked if my doctor would tell me what he was seeing as he was seeing it.  He not only agreed, but he tipped the US screen so I could see it, pointed out interesting landmarks along the way, and then quizzed me at the end. 


And, as I recited back to him, the upshot of Monday’s appointment was that I had 7 promising follicles on my left ovary, 2 on my right, and the 2 big ‘uns seemed to be lagging behind their previous growth rate in order to finish maturing with their littermates.  All good.  At an average size of 13mm, he figured we’d be ready to trigger in 3, maybe 4 days.  So we made an appointment for Wednesday (today) for an update.  

Update as of this morning:  “Congratulations.  You’re there,” were just about the only words out of his mouth.  Woohoo!  “How big are they?” I asked.  “Big enough.  Good cycle so far.”  Doc says it’s going good, I’m happy.  And, hey, quicker than I’d hoped for.  So tonight’s the trigger shot *anticipatory wince* and Friday morning, I’ll go in, go under, and come out 9 eggs (&, I wish, about 7 pounds) lighter.   But I’ll settle for the egg-retrieval to go without a hitch.  I’m pleased it’s an early morning appointment, since I figure everyone will be perkier at that time of day & will be paying extra-special attention to me and my surgery.  There was a pregnant woman in this morning, waiting for an ultrasound.  It was all I could do not to stare at her.  You mean this works?  It really works sometimes?  As easy as that?

And, the timing of this is about as tidy as I could ask for.  Doing this on the Friday before Memorial Day means that while I have to take Friday off, I already have Saturday, Sunday & Monday off.   It means I’ll have all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday for recuperation & then a possible transfer on Monday (Or is it Tuesday?  Don’t really know where that three-day make gets calculated from).  All of these are days I don’t have to take off work.  Also a good thing.  Of course, I’m hoping these eggs all fertilize so nicely and go so strong that they decide to do a 5-day transfer instead on Wednesday (or Thursday?).  Because I’m just greedy that way.

And I just had my last Lupron shot.  Yay!  And my last Repronex shot.  YAY!  When the boyfriend comes home, we’ll do some drawing on my ass with a sharpie marker, and then, I’ll let him live out every boy’s dream and instruct him to spank the tar out of me.  Or at least out of that outer quadrant of my ass, as per instructions from the nurse.  Anything to distract me from the incoming needle.  The incoming inch-and-a-half needle.  Oi.  And the bad news is, I’ll be on six times the amount of steroid I’ve been on to date.  If the steroid dosage I’ve been on is what’s caused the unexplainable weight gain, then being on 6 times that, means that in a week, I’ll weigh approximately as much as the incredible Hulk in his Non-David-Brinner phase.  Plus, the nausea is supposed to get a lot worse.

It’s not easy being green.

So, fingers crossed.  Butt-cheek unclenched.  Nerves frayed.  Tomorrow is an injection-free day, except for the morning blood-draw, and I plan to enjoy my unpunctured-ness.  Last pain-free day for a while, if everything goes well, as I so sincerely hope it does.  

And, maybe tomorrow I’ll be buying a new computer so I have something to do for those three days that I’m whimpering over my poor punctured girl-goods.

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 …at which point I should learn if this IVF thing is going to work this month or not.  


First really noticeable side effects kicked in last night.  Sleeplessness.  Heart beating fast, so I couldn’t relax and fall back asleep.  Assisted, I’m sure, by the really crappy dreams playing in my brain when I did sleep.  And then, when I’d finally (after, like, four hours staring at the clock) started dozing again, the guys fixing the curb out front (Thanks, Mr. Notary!) started in on their day’s work.  And since the sidewalk is about two feet away from my basement bedroom, that sort of put a stop to my plan to sleep late this morning.  

Oh yeah, & the bloat/constipation I was warned about?  That’s a noticeable side effect, too.  

Nasty taste in my mouth – from the prednisone, I think – every morning now.   And my pee smells funny.  Damn, hormones are weird things.   And, it’s weird not having my usual monthly-cycle going on.  By now I should be seeing the first signs of ovulation.  But nothing.  Or if it’s there, it’s masked by all the shit being pumped through my body. 

However on a more positive note, the Repronex “bruising” only seems to be lasting for a day or so, which makes it possible to alternate sides so as not to unduly aggravate any sore bits.  Which, at this point, all my tummy bits are sort of sore.  

And my aunt – the one who fancies herself psychic – has stated with certainty that I will have a daughter and she will be “a fey child”.  She probably means a winsome blond thing, but since I’m in the middle of writing a story connecting autism and faerie, it was not a reassuring comment, though meant well, I’m sure.

Long day at work today, and I guess I’ll get evaluated today, since this is the last day my boss and I work together before her vacation.  I’m assuming it will go well, but who can say?  I think she’d’ve said something if I wasn’t performing up to snuff.

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another bruise in the gut, another medical bill in the mail…

Actually, this evening’s Repronex injection doesn’t seem so painful.  We’ll see how it is tomorrow, because I’m still feeling yesterday’s injury pretty severely.  

Everything else is humming along.  It’s Monday night already, my first check-up is Friday.  

Oh, and I got the first request for a co-payment from a lab.  They only counted three of about 24 procedures in this bill, and I’m wondering if I’m going to get hit with 8 more of these $15 co-pays.  

Like being drained by vampires, only not as fun.

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…why Menopur is the preferred FSH drug.  

Or at least so I assume.  Unlike all my other injection sites, the Repronex one from 16 hours ago is still tender – like a deep muscle bruise.  This is going to get uncomfortable very quickly, since I only have so much room to inject, and 4 shots a day to take.  

And the Prednisone bloat has begun.  So I tried to counteract with a long walk this morning, and the purchase of good, cheap-calorie food for this week while Sam’s away.  I figure I should take my dieting time as seriously as I can, when there’s no one here making yummy food all day long.   No fun, but hey, neither is being fat and bloated.

Late night at work today, softening up my co-workers by taking on an extra shift this week so that my “emergency” day off next week won’t piss everyone off quite as much.  Well, and also because when trying to schedule this week, I didn’t know how often I’d be US/BW-ing this week.  The fact that my only appointment is on Friday, which I have off this week, is just a happy occurence.  

Oh, and my period is over, about 3 days earlier than it normally would be.  I usually have a light day on day 1.  A heavy day on day 2.  Almost nothing day 3.  And then light bleeding for days 4, 5, & sometime 6.  Days one and 2 were right on, with cramping all day on day 1 (for the first time ever.)  Day two was pretty heavy, though nothing special.  And then I only had spotting on day 3 & there’s been nothing since.  (This would have been day 5).  Of course, I might start a new period at any moment (ah the joy), but for the moment, I am enjoying the blood-free period.  

May it all stick to the inside of my uterus and make a nice, cushy pillow for embryos to burrow into.  

This is me, visualizing the events of my menstrual cycle.  Ew.

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It’s a little weird.  Being an old lady of 38, I have to mix SIX bottles of powdered medicine with one of water, but it went relatively smoothly, and I’m thinking tonight’s (Repronex) will be easier, since it’s only two.  

I hardly hesitated at all this morning with jabbing myself in the gut with a needle.  

All that chub comes in handy for once.  Painless shots.  Plus my latent fear of developing diabetes or a form of MS like my mom’s that requires daily shots – pretty much gone now.  I can do this.  It’s not even a big deal.  Who’d’ve ever thought I could be blase about self-injections?  

At Borders last night during Sam’s reading, I found a book I want to request from the library (because I’m too cheap to buy it if I can read it for free).  Called The Complete Organic Pregnancy.  And yes, before you ask, I’m well aware of the irony in that, as I massage another dose of purified menopausal women’s urine into my poor infertile body.  

Ah well.  Time enough for organics when I’m knocked up.

And even though I know the (dismal) success rates and I know there’s no reason at all to assume I’ll be one of the lucky ones who only has to go through this once, I’m still feeling giddy.  This could work.  This could really work, and so I’m concentrating hard on that possibility, so as not to get panicky about the alternative.  

Or maybe the dizziness from taking Lupron has just set in.

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