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Injections are ok, though they’re taking up far too much of my valuable ‘oh my god it’s still dark and I have to get up already to fucking stick needles in myself?!?” time.  Nothing new there.  I hate daylight savings time, but I especially hate coming off Daylight Savings Time.  Late October is depressing enough without it being dark when I wake up as well as when I get out of work.  Blech.  

My clinic sent out a newsletter, as it does every month, in which it mentioned that all three doctors will be presenting papers at a conference from November 9 – 12, but NOT TO WORRY: thanks to the judicious use of red-eye flights, no one’s cycles will be put off.

Um, I should certainly fucking hope not.  Not that I’m thrilled about the idea of Dr. Bigshot getting to make any calls on this cycle.  I want my doctor, and I want him to have total say in everything.  Have to say that at this point, I’m thrilled that my cycle was five days late in starting.  Makes it much less likely that I’ll be scheduled for retrieval during that 3-day stretch where there really isn’t a doctor on hand.  So maybe it did, indeed, work out all for the best despite this being a really crappy, lonely weekend.  That’s the explanation I’m going with, anyway.  Maybe my doc will even have a chance to get a good night’s sleep before going into my ovaries with scary long needles.  


Had a fun bit of baby-time at work.  A co-worker’s 15-month old has decided I’m his buddy and he wants me to hold him when he sees me – much to the astonishment of his folks, who swear he’s sort of a standoffish little guy.  He just likes the weird faces I make at him, I think.  Plus I’ve perfected my baby-cooing over the last few years.  Never know when that skill might come in handy to cover up my intent staring at some other woman’s child.  Makes me look like a clown instead of a stalker – trust me, it’s a valuable skill to have for someone in my position.  

Not much else is happening.  My union came through with a retroactive pay raise in the 4 percents without a cut in health benefits, so I’m breathing a sigh of relief.  The economic meltdown is already affecting services in NYC, & I had visions of not being able to do this because of Wall Street’s foul-up, and I was not happy about the prospect at all.  Bad enough to be forced into IVF, but to be unable to afford IVF would have been the last straw.  I’m one of the lucky ones with health insurance that covers most of it.  

Still a damned expensive hobby, though.

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Another cheer for my insurance company.

Which is just about the weirdest thing in the world to type, but there it is.  

I got a check in the mail today for the out-of-network services provided by my RE during the D&C.  I paid his fees in cash before the procedure, because I didn’t want anyone messing around in there who didn’t know how abysmally difficult this whole pregnancy-thing was.  If anyone was going to err in my innards, I wanted someone to err on the side of caution, damnit.  So I was happy to pay his fees and just chalk it up to another IVF expense.

His insurance goddess gave me all the forms to fill out, and even helped me fill out a couple of the more esoteric fields.  Dutifully, I sent them in, but really wasn’t expecting much.  But here it is, not even a month later, and there’s a check in my possession for what they’ll cover of it.  About half of the out-of-pocket costs, which really isn’t bad at all.

I’m impressed.  

Hip hip hoorah.

Oh, on the cheerleading front, I started exercising tonight.  With a DVD taskmistress for company/encouragement.  I like the program, it’s fast & simple and knocks me on my ass even at level 1 (oh, but I am slothful and sluggish these days!)  I hope to get stronger.  

I told the boy that I was exercising when he called from the convention, and he waxed poetic about how weird women are that they’d rather exercise to a DVD class than just do it on their own.  

Am not weird.  Take it back.  

It seems perfectly normal to me that it’s easier to keep interested enough to keep going if there’s someone making pseudo-eye-contact and reminding me visually why I’m doing this – namely because I know I don’t look anything like her.  And I’d rather like to.  

Anyway, I have high hopes, and a week from now, when I’m still doing these exercises once a day despite his cynical predictions, I expect to serve my husband a heaping helping of crow.  Right before I crush him with my mighty thighs and rock-hard abs.  Not to mention my ripped upper arms.  


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another bruise in the gut, another medical bill in the mail…

Actually, this evening’s Repronex injection doesn’t seem so painful.  We’ll see how it is tomorrow, because I’m still feeling yesterday’s injury pretty severely.  

Everything else is humming along.  It’s Monday night already, my first check-up is Friday.  

Oh, and I got the first request for a co-payment from a lab.  They only counted three of about 24 procedures in this bill, and I’m wondering if I’m going to get hit with 8 more of these $15 co-pays.  

Like being drained by vampires, only not as fun.

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