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This afternoon, I tore my calf muscle.  While walking off what has felt like a minor leg cramp.  A short walk to the big grocery store, I figured, would do me good.  Get some exercise.  Fresh air.  Chocolate croissant on the way.  All good things. to have and enjoy on a day off.

Trying to get across the highway before a car crossed, I broke into a mild jog (the only kind I do) and felt/heard something go “clunk”  Seriously, it felt like the horrible sensation when your car drops a piston.  “Oh shit, that’s not supposed to go there.”  And then there was the agony.  

Now, I’ve had leg pain before.  I ran all through high school with a rather severe case of shin splints.  I’ve destroyed the ACL in my knee while hiking the Appalachian Trail and I kept hiking .  But this is different.  Agony as soon as I flex against it, which means a weird hobbling gait, for – if internet forecasts are right – about the next month.  I got home, but only with a few instances of severely indrawn hissing breath.  And glaring at passersby who were not properly oblivious.

Which is why I’m including this on my baby-making site.  What perfect timing for the next month, when I will be more stressed, doing more quick walking, and unable to take anti-inflammatories.  

Well-timed, self!

And the worst is that I didn’t really DO anything.  Like when I shattered my arm, there’s no great story to accompany the injury.  Just a sheepish – “Just clumsy, I guess.”    In this case, I think I’ll use, “Just unlucky, I guess.”  Clincher, though is that the original soreness/stiffness (what felt like the recovery after a particularly nasty Charley Horse) happened the morning after Macbeth.  The night I got so dehydrated.  And had twitchy legs all night.  Yep – one more casualty of my coffee excess.  Do I need another reason to stop drinking poison?  I thought not. 

I’m really not sure how I’m going to deal with work tomorrow.  No coffee, no painkillers, no solicitous boyfriend to elevate my leg and kiss me.


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