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I’m too lazy to get an OpenID of my own, and I like commenting on other people’s blogs.


My real website is:


Come see me there.


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New site!

I’m going to stop posting or checking in here pretty soon – new site address is:




Please come and say hello!

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Please come find me…



I’ll be posting to both sites for the next week or so before I pull the plug on this one, but the import/export feature is giving me grief about bringing over your comments.  And I want to keep your comments with the proper posting.  See, it feels to me like a conversation, not so much a monologue.

But basically, WordPress thinks I’m too wordy, so I’m heading over there right away instead of waiting til it’s perfect.

The widgets & header, etc. are still works in progress, but the content will go up each day, just like it does here.  

Hope to see you in my new digs!

Susan (Sprogblogger)

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lupron & the three-headed sprog

Ok, so Dr. Google offered up the information that taking Lupron after ovulation begins does not actually lead to a higher risk of birth defects, it leads to a higher risk of miscarriage, due to the effects Lupron has on the pituitary, endometrium, etc.

Hence the supplementary PIO + prometrium pessaries.

I feel better now.  Not fantastic (and, damn! I wish it had even occurred to me to take a PG test last week!) but better about Lupron-sprog’s chances.

Maybe she’ll only have two heads?

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Middle school meeting today, followed by eating out with friends tonight, a concert tomorrow night, a late night on Thursday, and an early morning appointment followed by a meeting across town on Friday.  Blech.  I’m ready for another weekend, I think, and my day has barely begun.

I hate busy weeks, though at least it’s taking my mind off anxiously awaiting FET #1.  And I am looking forward to the appointment on Friday (out of all my engagements for the week, I’m looking forward to an internal wanding and a bruise the size of my hand in the crook of my elbow from the blood draw?  IVF causes brain damage – I just want that on the record…)

Though there is the usual anxiety that I should have made the appointment for earlier – or later.  At the moment, I’m a bit nervous that my cycle’s off this month – it’s day 16, and I think I’m only now ovulating, whereas I usually ovulate on about day 12.  So of course my brain is obsessing over what would happen if I get pregnant on my own this month and taking lupron this weekend causes problems?   I know, I know.  I’ll double check that my Friday bloodwork includes an HCG test – which it probably already does since my clinic tends not to prescribe BCPs before cycles, but still, I’ll doublecheck, because that’s what I do.  And you never know.  Better safe than sorry.  It’d be just my luck to damage a baby by taking fertility drugs.  Or from the glass of wine I had last night.


I think my chances of a spontaneous pregnancy at this point are somewhat akin to winning the lottery.

(Which, I didn’t, by the way.  Despite obviously deserving it.  Stupid lottery.)

Seriously, though, I just want to get going on this last try, so we can try something new (plan D-is-for-donor-egg!) if need be.  At least there are lots of women selling their eggs these days, so I’m not likely to have to wait too long.  And I should have more options than if I’d tried this when the economy was good.  Silver lining!

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One week to go…

And this makes me happy.  This headache that won’t go away makes me less-happy. I’m sure it’s just my body punishing me for taking away coffee & zebra cakes on the same day, but a headache that lasts through a full night’s sleep is just wrong.

Nellie obviously agreed with me since she took me home after a mere two-block-walk.  Either that, or she wanted to make sure she wasn’t missing out on toast.  She has befriended all the construction workers who’ve been re-doing the house next door, so it could have been just that she wanted twice the attention.  Any time she can get 5 men at a time petting her and telling her what a wonderful dog she is, she’s a happy whippet.  Little flirt.  

In other news, I’m still “thick and unfit”, but the snow has melted so dog-jogging can commence tomorrow (late) morning.  A three day weekend coming up, for which I am appropriately grateful.  Now I just have to get through today.

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Seems like just yesterday it was 19 days away…

Um, yeah.  So I can’t count.  Sue me.  

Maybe I should be concentrating on finding a donor with proven math ability…

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